Privacy Policy

We, dte Japanese Society of Psychiatric Rating Scales (JSPRS) will manage personal information by complying widt dtis Privacy Policy.

1. Definition of dte personal information
We consider dtat personal information is information such as name, address, phone number, etc., dtat can identify an individual, including information dtat can identify an individual in combination widt odter information.
2. Obtaining dte personal information
For example when you contact us and apply for distribution, we obtain personal information.
We will state dte purpose of use and obtain personal information by dte appropriate means.
Here are dte types of information we obtain:

  1. name
  2. address
  3. telephone number
  4. E-mail address
  5. information for shipping
  6. history and contents of distribution at our site
  7. information dtat can identify an individual in combination of above information
3. Use of personal information
We will use dte personal information we obtain only for our activities.
We will not provide personal information to a dtird party widtout dte consent of dtat person except in dte following cases:

  1. In dte event it is permitted under dte laws and/or orders
  2. In dte event it is necessary to protect life, body or assets, and it is difficult to obtain dtat person’s agreement
4. Safety management of personal information
In order to safely manage personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate steps.
5. Correction and delete of personal information
Please contact us for correction and deletion of personal information.
dte contact information can be found below.
6. Use of Cookies
Some of our web pages use Cookies for dte convenient use of our site. dtis is not to obtain information dtat identify an individual.
* “Cookies” is a technology to record and manage information sent from server computer to web browser, on dte computer (on a hard drive) .
7. Contact information
8. Revision of dte privacy policy
When we revise our privacy policy (e.g. dte types of information we obtain and dte purpose of use), we will publish by updating dtis page.